The Noticer by Andy Andrews

The Noticer by Andy AndrewsMaybe this book just wasn’t my thing, but I found it to be an incredibly simplistic, thinly veiled rip-off of books like The 5 People You Meet In Heaven (which I wasn’t so fond of either). The book is basically a collection of scenes / stories that involve the mysterious character “Jones” – The Noticer – visiting people at different times in their lives when they are experiencing difficulties of one sort or another to help them “step into the light” and get on the right path.

This, Jones makes it sound so unrealistically easy, is just a matter of getting “perspective” on life… well, if it was that easy no one would need it pointed out to them, would they? And while Jones does make some valid observations to those he encounters about the things he “notices”, they all seem more like common sense than any great insight.

The Jones character, who never ages and who appears as “Garcia” to Hispanics and “Chen” to Asians, is obviously supposed to reflect how Christ / religion can be all things to all people but, again, I found it to be presented in a very simplistic, almost condescending manner.

I think the underlying goal of Andrews’ book, to get people to “notice” things around them, understand how their actions impact others, and to show their appreciation to those who make or have made a positive impact on their own lives is a laudable one. I just found the book itself to be something more suited to grade school age children than adults given the simplistic way it goes about delivering its message.

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