Murder on the Ropes by S. Furlong-Bolliger

Murder on the Ropes by S. Furlong-BolligerDelaney MacKay is used to a little weirdness; it kinda comes with the territory when you’re raised by a father who happens to be a professional wrestler. All her life Delaney grew up surrounded by Malcolm ‘The Highlander’ MacKay’s friends, people with names like The Sledgehammer, Dangerous Dan, and Calvin the Cyclone.

But when she returns home for a visit while on break from school the last thing she expects is to find her father charged with the murder of one of his wrestling stablemates, Triple P. Determined to find the real killer, Delaney begins nosing around and soon discovers quite a few people had reason to want Triple P. dead.

All Delaney has to do is figure out which of the colorful cast of suspects it was before the killer decides to put her down for more than a three count.

Author Susan Furlong-Bolliger’s short story Murder on the Ropes is an entertaining and quick read, one that you’ll find particularly interesting if you are or ever were a fan of professional wrestling.

Murder on the Ropes is available from the Untreed Reads Fingerprints mystery line.

A former high school language teacher, Susan started working as a freelance translator and writer fifteen years ago. During her writing career, she has worked to compile several literary encyclopedias, text books, and medical reference dictionaries. In addition to her work as an academic writer, she has published several nonfiction articles in national magazines. Recently she has turned to writing fiction and has published several short mysteries. To learn more about Susan, visit her website.


  • tna stars

    April 26, 2012 - 3:00 PM

    The list of dead wrestlers gets more lengthy every month, and I can’t stand it. If this was soccer or football, there would witout a doubt be a congressional subcomitte looking into the problem. But, mainly because it’s wrestling, and it’s “athletic entertainment” no one in power seems to care what exactly is happening to these people. It makes me sick.

  • Rebecca Cousins

    March 6, 2012 - 1:33 PM

    Sounds like another great short story from one of my favorite authors! I have yet to be disappointed by Susan’s brilliant writing and can not wait to find out what this mystery plot has in store!

  • Derek Flynn

    March 6, 2012 - 1:00 PM

    The premise of this story sounds brilliant and I absolutely love the cover image. Very striking. Well done, Susan! And thanks Elizabeth for bringing this to our attention.