Why So Serious? by Court Merrigan

And now for something completely different, Moondog Over the Mekong author Court Merrigan.

Court MerriganNoir tends to take itself pretty seriously, all death and affliction and, well, darkness. I’ve been no exception; my story THE SCABROUS EXPLOITS OF CYRUS & GALINA VAN, HELLBENT WEST DURING THE THIRD YEAR OF THE HARROWS, 1876 is proof of that. But there’s more than one way to skin a story, right? We don’t have to be so damn serious all the time, do we?

So, supplementary to your reading this story in the next issue of Needle and also in my short story collection MOONDOG OVER THE MEKONG, I lightened up a little, and so present to you that same story told via animated gifs.

It’s rough out there for an outlaw like Cyrus Van. Rob and pillage, but never get anywhere:

Until he comes across an innkeeper who gives him guff:

And, you know, there’s a girl named Galina in the inn:

Down the road, they come to a smithy. The smithy gets himself a hankering for Galina.

and thinks he’s swift. He’s not swift.

The road beyond is muddy, the country hard. The people strange.

Nowhere welcomes.

Cyrus and Galina come to a roadhouse, but it’s not better there.

Cyrus takes action

and walks the hell out.

Meanwhile, a harlot wants money. She suggests a plan to Galina to get it. Galina is not in favor.

She’s got Cyrus’s back.

Then it’s on the road again. They’ve got a long way west to get, and they ain’t going out quiet.

Court Merrigan’s short story collection MOONDOG OVER THE MEKONG is out now from Snubnose Press and he’s got short stories out or coming soon in Thuglit, Needle, Weird Tales, Plots With Guns, Big Pulp, Noir Nation, and a bunch of others. His story “The Cloud Factory,” which appeared in PANK, was nominated for a Spinetingler Award. He runs the Bareknuckles Pulp Department at Out of the Gutter and lives in Wyoming with his family. To learn more about Court, visit his website.

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