The Little Wine Guide by Ariel Heart

As a constantly evolving wine aficionado, I’m pleased to be a stop on Ariel Heart’s Pump Up Your Book blog tour in support of her new book, The Little Wine Guide. What follows is some information about the book and how Ariel came to write it, as well as your chance to enter to win a wine basket. — EAW

The Little Wine Guide by Ariel HeartThe Little Wine Guide Book Blast

“Don’t know much about wine? From Cabernet to Chardonnay, from buying wine to enjoying it; this jam-packed little book removes the mystery and makes learning about wine fun. The Little Wine Guide is presented in a conversational tone and helps you discover what interests you in the world of wine as you embrace your personal wine style.

Ms. Heart is a wine enthusiast on her personal wine journey who found most books on wine either too textbook, too long, or packed with information she didn’t need or want to know. Eventually, she was collecting the information that she found pertinent to enjoying wine without a degree in viticulture. She thought others might like to have the short cut to the core material as well. Thus was born the idea for The Little Wine Guide.”

Book Excerpt: You have decided it’s time to learn a little about wine. You don’t want to get carried away, but you would like to get a handle on why you like some wines yet others are just yuck. Maybe you were at a friend’s house and the wine your friend raved about tasted nasty to you, but the recommendation at the restaurant was the best wine you have ever tasted. Perhaps that guy or gal in your life enjoys wine and you want to know some basics at least. You have come to the right place my friend.

This book is your hack for wine, your quick start guide that provides a foundation and will give you ways to discover and enjoy wine your way. Such as, throwing your own wine tasting so you can experiment with wine and have a good idea of what you are actually doing. No need for a hefty book that you won’t read but may end up as a doorstop. Wine can be fun and interesting, and I’ll prove it. In this guide you will be provided with the critical basics to jump-start your wine education and do your own wine tasting for yourself or with friends and family.

The Little Wine Guide is available from Blazing Sword Publishing, Ltd. (ISBN: 978-1483564760). You can pick up a copy at Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

– Ariel is giving away a wine basket! –

Terms & Conditions:

• By entering the giveaway, you are confirming you are at least 21 years old.
• One winner will receive a beautiful wine basket.
• This giveaway begins April 4 and ends on April 29.
• Winners will be contacted via email on May 30.
• Winner has 48 hours to reply.

Good luck everyone.

About the author: Ariel Heart has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and has worked in Fortune 500 companies and Department of Defense most of her life. She is a Colorado native who loves the mountains and wildlife, but doesn’t ski, and currently volunteers at a cat shelter, played clarinet for a short time, and dabbles in drawing, watercolor, and acrylic painting. To learn more about Ariel, visit her website.

– The Little Wine Guide by Ariel Heart –

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