Hustle by Tom Pitts (Down & Out edition)

Tom Pitts - Hustle

Hustle by Tom PittsIf you missed Hustle by Tom Pitts when it was first released, good news—a new edition is now out from Down & Out Books! Jacket copy:

Two young hustlers, caught in an endless cycle of addiction and prostitution, decide to blackmail an elderly client of theirs. Donny and Big Rich want to film Gabriel Thaxton with their cell phones during a sexual act and put the video up on YouTube. Little do they know, the man they’ve chosen, a high-profile San Francisco defense attorney, is already being blackmailed by someone more sinister: an ex-client of the lawyer’s. A murderous speed freak named Dustin has already permeated the attorney’s life and Dustin has plans for the old man. The lawyer calls upon an old biker for help and they begin a violent race to suppress his deadly secret.

I reviewed the book when it first dropped, and here’s a taste of that:

Author Tom Pitts pulls no punches, uses no filters, and offers no apologies or excuses for the behavior of the people who inhabit the world of Hustle. The result is a strikingly stark, in no way glamorized look at drug addiction and two young men doing whatever it takes to feed that monster. Having said that, there is still an undeniable beauty to Hustle, an unvarnished truth that shines through in the prose Pitts brings forth, at times stripped down and raw, other times lyrical and hauntingly poetic.

You can read my full review here, and pick up the new Down & Out Books edition of Hustle at Amazon.

Tom Pitts received his education on the streets of San Francisco. He remains there, working, writing, and trying to survive. He is the author of the novellas Piggyback (Snubnose Press) and Knuckleball (One Eye Press). You can learn more about Tom and his work by visiting his website.

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