The Prison Guard’s Son

The Prison Guard's Son

“Choosing an editor is tough. It’s supposed to be. You want people on your team who are as passionate about your work as you are. Elizabeth edited my third Mr. Finn novel, The Prison Guard’s Son, and she delivered. She surprised me several times with her comments and level of detail. In short, she knows her stuff, and she made me look like a better writer. If you’re looking for someone to substantiate how wonderful your writing is, move along because that’s not what Elizabeth does. Instead, she’ll provide the critical eye that you need. She’ll ask the right questions and poke holes in your work. And then she’ll help you fix it. And that’s what a damn good editor should do.” — Trace Conger

Whether your manuscript is in the early stages and you’d like significant developmental input, you’re almost ready to query and are looking for someone to do a final copyedit, or anywhere in-between, I can help. For testimonials from authors with whom I have worked, as well as more detailed information about my editing services, please click here.

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