Lake City

It was a pleasure to work with Theolyn Brock on Lake City: Stories From a Country-Ass Town, a collection of fiction based on her family’s lore. And though fiction, you’ll recognize the truths contained in the stories of love and loss, quirkiness and quiet resolve, ambition and desperation that unfold between the covers.


The Accidental Series by J. L. Abramo

It’s an honor to welcome Shamus Award-winning author J.L. Abramo to the site. A longtime fixture in the crime fiction community, Abramo is probably best known for his Jake Diamond PI series (Catching Water in a Net, Clutching at Straws, Counting to Infinity and Circling the Runway). Today, Abramo stops by in conjunction with his latest release, Coney Island Avenue (Down & Out Books), which revisits the denizens of Brooklyn’s 61st Precinct Abramo introduced readers to in 2012’s acclaimed Gravesend.

The Bad Boy Boogie by Thomas Pluck

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated member of the crime fiction community than author Thomas Pluck. In addition to being known for his own hard-hitting writing, including Blade of Dishonor and The Summer of Blind Joe Death, Pluck has spearheaded three anthologies of crime fiction to benefit the organizations Children 1st and PROTECT: The Lost Children: A Charity Anthology, Protectors: Stories to Benefit PROTECT, and Protectors 2: Heroes. Crime fiction fans can also frequently find Pluck taking part in the Noir at the Bar events held in NYC. Today, Pluck stops by to talk about his latest novel, Bad Boy Boogie (Down & Out Books), and to explain why “there’s no one better than an outsider to see the ugly truth of a place.”

Remo Went Down

“I’ve worked with Elizabeth on both self-published and traditionally published books. Each time I found her to be extremely professional, timely and she provided a great knowledge of the genre of crime fiction, as well as fixed my grammatical travesties. I could go with any number of people to correct my spelling, but Elizabeth gave my writing a bit more that I feel really helped push it to its final stage.” — Mike McCrary


Leadfoot by Eric Beetner

What’s ahead of you is always more dangerous than what’s behind. — Calvin McGraw

Eric Beetner first introduced readers to the Iowa-based McGraw and Stanley clans in Rumrunners (280 Steps), in which eighty-six-year-old McGraw patriarch Calvin had pretty much garaged his ride for the last time and the family business—driving for the Stanley clan’s off-the-books enterprises—was being handled by his son, Webb. And even though Calvin was drawn back into things over the course of the wild ride that was Rumrunners, you couldn’t help but wonder what he was like in his prime. Well, wonder no more.

Blind to Sin

Blind to Sin by Dave White

It was supposed to be a fun, freewheeling life.

There’s certainly no fun going on in ex-cop/PI Jackson Donne’s life, and any freewheeling taking place is of the acting in desperation to stay alive variety rather than the footloose and fancy-free type.

After watching his life implode over a series of decisions gone from bad to worse, Donne finally gave in and accepted the fact he could no longer stay one step ahead of the avalanche that had been bearing down on him for so long.


The Psycho Sidekick in PI Fiction by Dave White

It’s a pleasure to welcome Derringer Award-winning author Dave White back to the site. Blind to Sin, the latest entry in White’s series featuring New Jersey-based ex-cop turned private investigator Jackson Donne (following last year’s An Empty Hell), is out now, and White stopped by to talk about the concept of the psycho sidekick that crops up so often in PI fiction, as well as to explain why he went in a different direction with his series.

South Village by Rob Hart

“I don’t mean to be unkind, but I’ve known you a long time now. You have a habit for building narratives. Getting too wrapped up in wanting to fight dragons.” — Tibo

Ashley (Ash) McKenna has been fighting dragons of one kind or another his entire life. When readers first met the Staten Island born and bred McKenna in series debut New Yorked, he was a man who had allowed long-simmering anger to creep in on and rule his life, driving him to abuse both substances and those around him. After bringing his personal investigation into the murder of his longtime friend and unrequited love, Chell, to a violent conclusion, McKenna pulled up his stakes and headed for Oregon.


Welcome to the Faroe Islands by Chris Ould

It’s an honor to welcome BAFTA award-winning screenwriter Chris Ould back to the site. The Killing Bay, the second entry in his Faroe Islands series, was released last week. The Killing Bay finds British police detective Jan Reyna still in the Faroes after returning in series debut The Blood Strand to the islands where he was born. The series’s setting is unique, and in today’s guest post Chris presents a little “getting to know you” primer about the Faroe Islands for readers.

Riot Load by Bryon Quertermous

The time I tried to capture my thesis advisor, three people ended up dead and I spent a significant amount of time in my own trunk. — Dominick Prince

There’s the easy way to do things, and there’s the hard way to do things. And then there’s the Dominick Prince way to do things. If given the choice and easy’s not an option, take the hard way over the Prince way.


Lying Blind by Dianne Emley

“What brought you here, sweetheart? How did your unfinished sentence end like this?” — Nan Vining

Lying Blind, the sixth entry in the Nan Vining series by Dianne Emley, opens with an absolutely stunning description. Pink rose petals blown by the Santa Ana wind drift lazily on the crystal clear water of an infinity pool behind a Spanish Colonial Revival mansion on a hilltop overlooking Pasadena and Los Angeles. Underneath an equally crisp, blue sky, the scene presents “the illusion of a waterfall flowing over the edge of the world.”

Of course, the dead body floating facedown in the pool does spoil the effect just a bit.


The Secrets Within by Dianne Emley

It’s a pleasure to welcome LA Times bestselling author Dianne Emley back to the site. Well-known for her Detective Nan Vining thrillers (The First Cut, Cut to the Quick, The Deepest Cut, Love Kills, Killing Secrets) and Iris Thorne mysteries (Cold Call, Slow Squeeze, Fast Friends, Foolproof, Pushover), Dianne’s newest entry in the Nan Vining series, Lying Blind, is forthcoming from Alibi/Random House on February 28th.

A Thriller At The Bottom Of The World by Matthew Iden

It’s an honor to welcome Matthew Iden to the site today. Already the author of six entries in the Marty Singer detective series (Thomas & Mercer), Matthew is here today to talk about the inspiration for his latest, the standalone psychological thriller The Winter Over (out today from Thomas & Mercer), which is set at the remote Shackleton Research Facility at the South Pole. Though he didn’t quite make it all the way to the South Pole, Matthew did come closer than most people ever will to the bottom of the world.

Walk Away

Over the years I’ve both read and reviewed Sam Hawken’s novels, as well as worked with him on his Camaro Espinoza novellas. Camaro made her full-length novel debut in The Night Charter (2015), and I was honored to work with Sam on an early draft of its sequel, Walk Away (Mulholland Books).