My Scorpio Soul by Claudia Hoag McGarry

My Scorpio Soul by Claudia Hoag McGarry“People can do nice things but it doesn’t mean they are nice people. Remember that.” – Tempest McTierney

Tempest McTierney certainly knows what she’s talking about, as it is a decidedly not nice person she and her family are dealing with in author Claudia Hoag McGarry’s debut novel, My Scorpio Soul.

Told in flashback from the prison cell where she’s been incarcerated for 10 years, Tempest recounts her family’s terrorization over a period of multiple years at the hands of a stalker.

Once a happily married woman with children on the cusp of college and a bright future of retirement and grandchildren ahead of her, My Scorpio Soul is the tale of the McTierney family’s descent into hell.

Initially, they believe the stalker is linked to a wrongful termination case Tempest’s husband won against the hospital he works for and where Tempest volunteers; someone resentful that the McTierneys “showed up” the hospital and made the board of directors “look bad.”

But as hang up calls become threatening letters, notes left on windshields evolve into sabotaged vehicles, and dead animals on the doorstep give way to actual home infiltration they realize their stalker’s obsession is something much more personal… and dangerous. That the reader knows – ostensibly – how the story turns out does nothing to take the edge off the sense of dread that builds relentlessly throughout Tempest’s recounting of events.

Between McGarry’s quick-take, diary entry style chapters and engaging premise, I literally could not put this book down and finished it in one sitting. My Scorpio Soul is a blunt look at the lengths a stalker will go to in effort to gain control over the target of their obsession, and the lengths one victim will resort to in effort to protect her family and preserve her sanity.

Claudia Hoag McGarry is a New Orleans native but presently lives in California and teaches writing. She has three adult children. Her husband is a musician and college professor. She has written ten feature length screenplays, three of which are “biopic.” My Scorpio Soul is her first novel. To learn more about Claudia, visit her website.

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