Death in the Devil’s Range

It was a pleasure to work with Michael Patton on his debut novel, Death in the Devil’s Range, which finds California rancher Dan Williams drawn into the investigation of the murder of his reclusive neighbor, a retired nuclear physicist whose killing may have ties to Nazi-era technology and a missing World War II submarine filled with gold. The second book in the series is forthcoming later this year.

Rusty Barnes

A Mile or so, Less as the Crow Flies by Rusty Barnes

I’m pleased to welcome Rusty Barnes to the site. An established author who’s been published in over two hundred journals and anthologies, Barnes most recently found success with his novel Ridgerunner, a story set in rural northern Appalachia, the area where he grew up. Today, Barnes talks about how he went about creating the feel for his newest novel, Knuckledragger, a story that takes place far away from Barnes’s familiar environs.

A World Of My Own by Terrence McCauley

Award-winning author Terrence McCauley returns to the site today. McCauley’s first two novels, Prohibition and Slow Burn, were set in 1930s New York City. He shifted gears with The Devil Dogs of Belleau Wood, a novella set during World War I, before charging hard into his current University series featuring James Hicks. The University is not an institution of higher learning, but rather a clandestine intelligence organization that has been on the frontlines of global espionage for decades. The latest in the series, A Conspiracy of Ravens, is out now.

Remo Went Off

“I’ve worked with Elizabeth on both self-published and traditionally published books. Each time I found her to be extremely professional, timely and she provided a great knowledge of the genre of crime fiction, as well as fixed my grammatical travesties. I could go with any number of people to correct my spelling, but Elizabeth gave my writing a bit more that I feel really helped push it to its final stage.” — Mike McCrary


The Savage by Frank Bill

“Do what you must to others and abandon weakness.”

For as long as Van Dorn can remember, those words, which represented his father’s worldview, were drilled into him at every opportunity. Little could Van Dorn have realized just how grim things would become, and how ruthlessly he would have to put that philosophy into action in an America spun violently out of control in author Frank Bill’s latest, The Savage.


Savannah Sleuth

It’s a pleasure working with Alan Chaput on his Vigilantes for Justice mystery series set in Savannah, Georgia. The first book in the series, Savannah Sleuth, was released December 8, 2017, with the second story featuring Savannah social icon Patricia Falcon, Savannah Secrets, slated for a March 2018 publication date.


Just Want to Dream Better by Trey R. Barker

Trey R. Barker is the author of over two hundred short stories, some of which you can find in his collections Where the Southern Cross the Dog and Remembrance and Regrets, as well as the critically acclaimed Barefield trilogy. Recently, Barker has been exploring the world of Jace Salome, a deputy sheriff in Zachary County, Texas. When The Lonesome Dog Barks, out now, is the most recent entry in the series, following Slow Bleed and East of the Sun.

The Battle for Reading High School by Jon Bennett

It’s a pleasure to welcome Jon Bennett to the site today. I had the honor of working with Jon on his novel Reading Blue Devils (Open Books). In the book, Bennett uses a fictional student rebellion at Reading High School in Ohio to tackle serious topics such as bullying and racism, the struggling American educational system, and the very nature of good and evil, yet manages to do so with his tongue planted firmly in cheek throughout most of it. Today, Bennett shares a secret about American high schools that helped inspire his novel: bathrooms are where you get the true pulse of a school.
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Gun Kiss

“I’ve worked on two manuscripts with Elizabeth, both of which were picked up by publishers, and there’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll be returning to her for my next. With her legal background and editing skills, Elizabeth is super sharp and astute. Not only will she correct your copy to the standard, but her development skills will catch things you didn’t notice. She’ll let you know what needs to be corrected, offer suggestions for change, and sensibly question details so that the story sounds logical, without distorting your writer’s voice. Take my word for it, you’re in safe hands.” — Khaled Talib


The Grind by Frank Bill

It’s an honor to welcome Frank Bill back to the site. Bill burst onto the scene with his powerful collection Crimes in Southern Indiana, which was named by GQ magazine as one of the best books of 2011. Next came the hard-hitting novel Donnybrook, which is currently in production by director Tim Sutton with Frank Grillo starring. Bill’s follow-up to Donnybrook, The Savage, out now from FSG Originals, is “an unnerving vision of a fractured America gone terribly wrong, and a study of what happens when the last systems of morality and society collapse.”

From Finance to Fiction by Martin Bodenham

I’m pleased to welcome Martin Bodenham to the site today. Martin’s latest novel, Shakedown, is out November 13th from Down & Out Books. Today, Martin reflects on how the big egos and greed he witnessed during his extensive career in private equity and corporate finance inspired the plots of his three financial crime thrillers.

What Inspired Me to Write this Book by Rebecca Marks

Rebecca Marks is here today in conjunction with Stone Cold Sober (Black Opal Books), the latest entry in her Dana Cohen Mystery Series. Cohen, a fortysomething retired NYPD detective, moved back to her family’s home “on the crags over the Long Island Sound” with the intention of settling down and helping her aging father with his winery. You can’t turn off twenty-two years of cop instincts, however, and Cohen keeps finding herself drawn into investigations, with or without the blessings of local law enforcement.

Reading Blue Devils

“Elizabeth came highly recommended, and I learned why. She truly amazed me with her personalized approach to editing. When it came time to give her feedback, she presented it as a conversation in which I could enter rather than a mere summative opinion piece. She opened herself to answer questions and give suggestions. I really valued that. My novel is to be published in large part because of her work, and my writing is greatly improved because of working with her.” — Jon Bennett


Stopping Monsters with a Story by Rich Zahradnik

Rich Zahradnik has stopped by in conjunction with the release of Lights Out Summer, the fourth book in Zahradnik’s award-winning Coleridge Taylor mystery series. Lights Out Summer is set against the backdrop of the infamous summer of ’77 in New York City, which saw the Son of Sam killings and a July blackout plunge the city into fear and chaos. Zahradnik stopped by to talk about some of the journalists who inspired him at the beginning of his nearly four-decade journalism career, and therefore became a part of Coleridge Taylor as well.

You Have the Right to do Research and a Lack of Accuracy May be Held Against You by J.J. Hensley

It’s a pleasure to welcome J.J. Hensley to the site. The author of three previous novels, his debut, Resolve, was named one of the Best Books of 2013 by Suspense Magazine, Hensley’s latest, Bolt Action Remedy (Down & Out Books), is the first in a new series featuring former Pittsburgh narcotics detective Trevor Galloway. Today Hensley is here to talk about one of his pet peeves—law enforcement inaccuracies in crime fiction. Having worked as both a police officer and a Secret Service agent, J.J. knows what he’s talking about when it comes to getting law enforcement procedure correct. He just wishes everyone paid as much attention to detail.