My New Orleans Heart by Claudia McGarry

Pleased to welcome Claudia McGarry to the blog today. I’ve previously reviewed two books in her astrology thriller series, My Scorpio Soul and My Aries Secrets, but today Claudia’s here to talk about her newest release, something a little bit different, but near and dear to her heart.

My New Orleans Heart by Claudia McGarryThis short novel, Beignet and Grandpa Au Lait, is told in first person by two dogs. It is actually very autobiographical, but was written in a fictional manner.

I was born in New Orleans and spent my childhood there. Although I haven’t resided there in years, I was devastated in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit.

At that time, my cousin Carol and her family were living in Metarie. Katrina resurfaced colorful memories of time spent with my immediate family when we all lived there together.

My New Orleans Heart by Claudia McGarryThe memories brought with them a host of southern belles.

Beignet and Au Lait’s stories are my New Orleans roots. Their names, Beignet and Au Lait, came from the Café Du Monde desserts and coffee that I have enjoyed when revisiting New Orleans. And since this type of oddly shaped, powdered, sugary, fried donut with the accompanying café au lait was made famous at the French Quarter’s flagship outdoor café, it made perfect sense to give my two narrators these names.

The hurricane, some colorful memories and our family pet, all created a desire write this story.

My New Orleans Heart by Claudia McGarryI had written several screenplays through the years, then I began my astrology series of thrillers (My Scorpio Soul and My Aries Secrets). I acquired my daughter’s puppy by default, and soon I was writing this little adventure, slice of life story from his point of view.

My own recollections are emboldened with smells of fried chicken, gumbo and jambalaya, ornamented with Southern-styled accessories for dresses and pant suits like pearls and matching pearl earrings.

I still can hear the distant hum of jazz resonating through that balmy breeze, and as the saints continue marching, I wouldn’t trade my New Orleans heart for anything.

Claudia McGarry is a New Orleans native, but presently lives in California and teaches writing. She has three adult children. Her husband is a musician and college professor. In addition to Beignet and Grandpa Au Lait, Claudia is also the author of My Aries Secrets and My Scorpio Soul, and is currently hard at work on her next book, My Gemini Ghost. To learn more about Claudia, visit her website.

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