The Office of Lost and Found by Vincent Holland-Keen

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Ian Ayris“My name is Thomas Locke. I am a private detective and what I’m about to say might sound strange, but it is absolutely true.”

Vincent Holland-Keen’s (Billy’s Monsters) debut novel The Office of Lost and Found is fueled by a cast of wonderfully quirky and endearing characters, and unfolds as several parallel, if time-bending, plots.

Thomas Locke is not just a detective, he’s a detective capable of finding anything, anywhere, no matter how long lost or how well hidden. He is the “found” half of The Office of Lost and Found.

Locke’s partner, Lafarge, brings new meaning to the term shadowy, literally appearing only as a tall, dark figure cloaked deep in shadows. He is the “lost” half of The Office of Lost and Found, and you better be sure you really want something lost before seeking his help, because things Lafarge loses stay lost. Permanently.

Originally published in 2011, The Office of Lost and Found has been out of print for several years…until now.

Publisher Fox Spirit Books has gloriously given new life to The Office of Lost and Found with a paperback edition that includes a new cover design and layout, as well as an appendix featuring a bonus short story, notes, and drawings.

The Office of Lost and Found was not only one of my Top 10 Reads of 2011, but is one of my favorite reads ever. You can read my full review here, and pick up a copy of the new Fox Spirit Books edition on Amazon and Amazon UK.

Vincent Holland-Keen is an author, artist and video director currently residing in the North of England. He works for a major metropolitan university as a business analyst/system designer. To learn more about Vincent, visit his blog or find him on Twitter.

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