Killing Malmon by Dan and Kate Malmon

“Never before has killing someone benefited such a good cause.” So goes the tag line for Killing Malmon, a collection of short stories in which longtime Crimespree Magazine contributor, Kit Kat lover, and hug eschewer Dan Malmon meets his demise. Thirty times. But don’t worry, it’s all for a good cause. I’ll let Killing Malmon editors Kate and Dan explain.

Killing Malmon by Dan and Kate Malmon

Dan: Elizabeth was kind enough to have us over for a quick visit so we could talk a little bit about Killing Malmon.

**Dan and Kate make themselves comfortable**

The most common question Kate and I have gotten with this project is “what is it, and how did it come to be?” Fair enough on both counts.

**cue Wayne’s World style flashback**

I know, I know. Who does a Wayne’s World flashback anymore? Well, too bad. I’m 42 years old. My references are strictly Gen X.

Kate: Get to the point, old man. Are you going to navel gaze all day? We are losing page views by the second, here.

Dan: Ahem. Sorry. So. Back in 2014, Crimespree Magazine sponsored an internet based flash fiction contest. The theme? Somewhere in the story, a character named “Dan Malmon” had to die. That was it. Don’t ask me why. It’s just the effect I have on folks, I guess. Anyway, the contest was a lot of fun, and fairly successful. Lots of friends participated, and new friendships grew from it.

Kate: Friendships forged in fictional murder? Damn dude. That’s dark.

Dan: Flash forward to 2016, and Jon Jordan of Crimespree Magazine is talking with Eric Campbell of Down and Out Books. They think it would be fun to collect those flash fiction stories—

Kate: In a for real book! That for real people can buy! With for real money! I still can’t believe this whole thing is for real!

Dan: FOR REALZ. So, Down and Out wants to put those original stories together as a collection. We put the word out for some new stories to fill it out a bit more, and Eric Beetner tops it all off with not only one of the first stories of the original contest, but—

Kate: THE MOST KICK ASS COVER EVER! The only thing that could have made it better? If Eric had put Dan’s head all the way in the noose, instead of just next to it.

Dan: **stares**

Anyway, anyway. We’ve been big supporters of the Multiple Sclerosis Society for some time now. In fact, Kate has captained her own MS Bike team for years now.

Kate: That’s Saint Kate’s Cycling Saints, yo. But we thought, if folks are going to spend hard-earned money on reading stories of Dan’s demise, why not have those dollars go towards ending MS? Dan bites it. MS bites it. I couldn’t be happier.

Dan: **stares again**

Anyway, anyway, ANYWAY. And that’s pretty much it. What started off as an internet based lark has turned into a collection of 30 stories by some of the most talented writers in the field. 100% of proceeds go to an amazing cause that’s dead-set on ending a horrible disease.

Kate: And it’s all wrapped up in a sexy cover. Now, for the sequel, put your head all the way in this noose. I just want to see how it looks if I tightened it just a bit more… YANK.

Killing Malmon is available for preorder now. It hits shelves October 19th.

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